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Integrate messaging sticker to your messenger interface in a day.


Video stickers for your fun video experience.


Profile stickers to brighten up your community interface.

Partners : Google, BARETREE, tenor, aws, microsoft, pubnubPartners : Google, BARETREE, tenor, aws, microsoft, pubnub

Messaging Stickers

In a world where so much is going on, sending messages is no longer only about texting. Messaging stickers are here to help your users share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences through the right stickers.

Camera Stickers

When working from home is a new norm, camera-based video communication is unavoidable. But it doesn't mean it has to be boring!
Why not spice it up by adding dynamic and colorful stickers to video calls and live streams?

Profile Stickers

We are all different, and that’s beautiful!
Instead of leaving your users anonymous, offer them more fun and expressive way to add personality to their profiles with uniquely designed profiles stickers.

HarryManaging Director
Mark PhilipsProduct Manager
HarryManaging Director
Mark PhilipsProduct Manager

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Built for all cases, for everyone

Build the most up-to-date chat experience with our messaging sticker API.
Stipop offers a full list of sticker features which you can pull-off one by one from API endpoints.

Built for all cases, for everyone

  • For any industry
    • Social networks
    • E-commerce
    • Messengers
    • EduTech
    • Dating platforms
    • Game
    • Workplace
    • For any industry
  • For any language
    • English (en)
    • Arabic (ar)
    • Japanese (ja)
    • Spanish (es)
    • Indonesian (id)
    • Chinese Simplified (zh-CN)
    • Portuguese (pt)
    • Turkish (tr)
    • Chinese Traditional (zh-TW)
    • French (fr)
    • Thai (th)
    • Russian (ru)
    • German (de)
    • Malay (ms)
    • Bengali (bn)
    • Italian (it)
    • Korean (ko)
    • Hindi (hi)
    • Finnish (fi)
    • Vietnamese
    • Danish (da)
    • Romanian (ro)
    • Dutch (nl)
    • Ukrainian (ua)
    • Polish (pl)
  • For any location
    • North America
    • Korea
    • South America
    • Japan
    • Europe
    • China(Mainland)
    • South East Asia
    • Taiwan
  • For any occasion
    • All seasonal Stickers
    • Year-end holidays
    • Chu-seok
    • Christmas
    • Mother’s day
    • Halloween
    • Easter
    • Thanksgiving day
    • Ramadan
    • Valentine's Day
    • Father’s day
    • Diwali
  • For any taste
    • 250,000 stickers
    • 7,000+ artists
    • Weekly updates
  • For any device
    • Mobile
    • Tablet
    • Desktop

Here’s what
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  • World-class Docs
    World-class Docs

    Full API features with sample code, quick start guide, and tutorials.

  • Stipop UI Kit
    Stipop UI Kit

    Exceptionally designed UI Kit with diverse themes and assets.

  • 24HR Support
    24HR Support

    Direct-line with our dev support team for any inquires.

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