Share and sell your stickers to the world.

Sticker Pricing Policy

You can share your stickers for free or sell them to make profit.

1. Select price
You can sell your stickers at prices you want. Price choices currently available at Stipop are free/$0.99/$1.99/$2.99. There is a requirement (number of stickers in a package) to be met for certain price levels, so please check the specifics from table below. (Price adjustment after sales is possible once in a week.)

Sticker Sales Price

$1.99, $2.99

# of stickers in a package (required)

9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30
15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30
24, 27, 30
Selling price of priced stickers (paid stickers) apply when they reach 100 downloads, which means that stickers will be shared with users unpriced at first. This is to find users who favor the new sticker package so then it can be targeted and get increased sales. Also it will help new artists with new sticker packages to get a chance to be exposed at a greater level.
*To share current market statistics on pricing stickers, 15% are free, 70% are $0.99 and the rest are priced $1.99 and $2.99. Having some free stickers will help expose your whole sticker board and get greater profit.
2. Profit sharing
In general, 50% of total profit from paid sticker sales will be at your hand (this is after deducting 30% from in-App payment fee to Apple or Google which is applied to all Apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store). The share will be sent to your Paypal Account which you can fill in at your web artist main page. When the share exceeds $30 you can make a request for the money and it will be sent to your Papal Account between 21st ~ 23rd of the next month. The sharing can differ in cases of promotions executed by us which may lead to greater profit sharing for artists (artists will be noticed individually through email after uploading is done). If you have any inquiries regarding this, please send us an email to
3. Stipop currency – POP
Paid stickers can be bought with POPs (or Popsicles) at Stipop.
  • 10 POPs: Purchase sticker package worth $0.99
  • 20 POPs: Purchase sticker package worth $1.99
  • 30 POPs: Purchase sticker package worth $2.99