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Sticker API Pricing

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API fee per monthly active user
MAU is a unique user who
connected to the Stipop server
within the last month.

  • Up to

    500 MAU

  • Next

    99.5K MAU

  • Next

    400K MAU

  • Next

    500K MAU

  • Enterprise

    1M+ MAU

Estimate price based on your MAU


First, select your app MAU
Select the monthly active user
(MAU) of your app.

First, select your app MAU

Then slide to estimate sticker usage %
About what % of your MAU will
use stickers every month?

Then slide to estimate sticker usage %

Pricing includes all solutions

Check amazing features that come with all products

  • 270,000+ Stickers

    Start with the world’s largest sticker library in your pocket.

  • Weekly new updates

    Keep your application up-to-date with weekly sticker updates.

  • Seasonal Stickers

    Be a part of global holidays, festivals, and celebrations with seasonal stickers.

  • 25+ languages

    Local stickers are provided automatically according to user location. Target wherever!

  • Domain specific

    Take the very right stickers of what you are servicing - Social networks, Edu-tech, Gaming, and so forth.

  • Customizable UI Kit

    Set your designers free - it’s on Stipop bringing 10+ unique themes for you.

  • Report & Analytics

    Monitor Stipop Dashboard for regular reports and analytics.

  • 24HR tech support

    Any issue or question with our API? We’re always here with you via emails, Slack, and Zoom.


  • How is MAU calculated?toggle

    The Monthly Active User (MAU) is the number of users who actually use Stipop features in the past 30 days. It’s counted when a user calls an API from Stipop. For more information, contact us.

  • How to estimate pricing for Stipop API?toggle
    You can use the calculator above to estimate the pricing. The MAU is the total number of users who use Stipop API (Messaging Sticker API, Camera Sticker API, and Profile Sticker API). Sticker usage % will depend on your app industry and may vary from 20% to 60%.
  • Will I be billed monthly or yearly/quarterly? toggle
    Currently we’re supporting monthly billing only. We will soon offer yearly and quarterly billing system so you can choose what you’re convenient with. If you’re willing to be billed yearly or quarterly even before then, please contact us.
  • How does Stipop share the revenue with the sticker artists?toggle

    All artists are required to receive payouts from Stipop for the sticker usage. We share a certain proportion of the revenue with the artists according to the amount of their sticker usage throughout our API channels.

  • I'm using a third-party chat/camera SaaS. How can I integrate it with Stipop?toggle

    It doesn't matter if you are using your own code or if you are using a third-party chat/camera solution. You can always integrate sticker API with ease. Go to Stipop API documentation and follow the quick start guide to get started right away!

  • Can I sell the stickers to my users?toggle

    Absolutely! You can activate premium stickers in your Dashboard and generate revenue by selling stickers to your users. When you start to generate revenue from the stickers, it will be shared with our sticker artists through an automated billing system.

  • Can the dashboard be used from the multiple accounts at the same time?toggle
    Yes! You can always invite your team members with different roles to take care of your project. For instance, invite a developer to make progress in API integration or a project manager or designer to do content control and fully customize your sticker sets.
  • Is my payment information stored securely?toggle
    You don’t have to enter your payment information to sign up. Once you reach 500 MAU and use your free credit, we will remind you to submit your payment information. We work with one of the most reliable 3rd party solutions like Stripe, so you can be sure that everything is in the safe hands.
  • What if I fail to install API, can I contact you for help? How responsive is the help-line?toggle

    Our dev-support team is always here to help. Just reach out to us at any time regarding the integration. There is also a full installation description in the API documentation as well for quick starts.

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