Privacy Policy

Last modified : October 20, 2020

Thank you for using the Stipop website, API products, and events (“Stipop products and services”). If you use or access to Stipop’s products and services, you will be consenting to the below Stipop privacy policy (“privacy policy”) terms.

The privacy policy applies to the processing of private information Stipop collects from you in the below circumstances:

  • When you visit a website that notifies or links this privacy policy
  • When you access Stipop products and services, or use products or services
  • When you upload content on the Stipop website
  • When Stipop uses Stipop’s products and services as an authorized user that acts as your privacy manager (e.g. as one of Stipop’s employees who granted you access to Stipop services)
  • When you register to, have attended, or attend Stipop’s events, web seminars, and contests

When you provide others’ private information to Stipop or Stipop service providers, you are indicating that you have the right to provide such information and that information can be utilized as per this privacy policy. If you believe your private information has been inappropriately provided to Stipop or wish to exercise rights regarding private information, please contact Stipop via

In case you agree to the privacy policy as a proxy for Stipop API user, you agree to and guarantee the following terms: A) You have the entire legal right to bind the user regarding this policy, B) You have read and understood this policy, C) You agree to this privacy policy as a representative of the user. If you do not have the legal rights that bind the user, do not click ‘agree.’ Please refer to your rights regarding client data on Article 8.3 below.

This privacy policy does not apply to applications or content that Stipop users who use Stipop products or services process, store, or host. Furthermore, it does not apply to products, services, websites, content provided by a third-party and products, services, websites, content that have their individual privacy policies.

Unless otherwise stipulated in an annexed article, ‘Stipop’ in this privacy policy refers to Stipop Inc. located in Fl.1, 3340 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405, United States.

1. Private information to be collected

1.1 Private information directly collected by Stipop

Private information Stipop collects directly from you include your name, user ID, address, email address, IP address, cookie, browser and device identifier, and electronic transaction device information. Stipop collects this information in the below circumstances:

  • When you purchase products and services on Stipop website, Stipop may ask for your financial and billing information including your billing name, address, email address, electronic payment information (including Stripe account information).
  • In case of uploading content via Stipop website, Stipop may ask for your financial and payment information including your billing name, address, user ID, email address, and electronic transaction information using a third-party service (including Paypal account information). Also, Stipop may ask for related tax forms according to relevant laws and ask for identification for foreigners born outside of the US. The tax forms include nationality, date of birth, commercial information, and EIN and TIN information if necessary. The information in the tax forms and identification is stored for a maximum of 14 days and eliminated. Please refer to 7. Retention period of private information and elimination clauses for more detailed information.
  • When you show interest in acquiring additional information on Stipop services, request customer support, attend events or web seminars, or download particular content, Stipop may ask for your name, position, company name, address, phone number, email address, username, and passcode.
  • If you interact with the Stipop website or emails, Stipop automatically collects information on your device or Stipop website or email usage (e.g. IP address or other IDs that can be recognized as private information) by using cookies or other similar technologies
  • If you use Stipop services and interact with them, Stipop automatically collects information that can be partially recognized as private from your device and service usage by using log files or other similar technologies.
  • If you voluntarily provide particular information including a user experience survey to Stipop service, Stipop collects the information you provided as a part of that particular request.

1.2 Private information collected from other sources

Also, Stipop collects information about you from other sources, including a third-party that Stipop purchases private information from, or open sources. Stipop may merge this information with the information you provided to Stipop. This will help Stipop update, expand, and analyze the records, identify a new client base, and create more customized advertisements to provide better services. Private information collected from other sources include types of private information stipulated in above 1.1 and inferences on preferences and behaviors. Particularly, Stipop collects such private information from sources as below:

  • Third-party providers of business contact information that provide information on target advertisement, related email content provision, events promotion, and profiling, mailing address to confirm eligibility and contact information confirmation, position, email address, phone number, intended data (or user behavior data), IP address, social media profile, LinkedIn URL, and user definition profiles.
  • Other individuals from your organizations that can provide your business contact information to Stipop for service provision.
  • Platforms like GitHub for code checking or pull request management. If you take part in open source or community development projects, Stipop may notify you of important program change or additional security requests by pairing your code storage username to the community account.

2. Usage information to be collected

Stipop automatically collects usage information that may be included when you search through Stipop website or services or interact with Stipop’s emails by using information collecting tools including cookies or related technologies.

2.1 Device and usage information

2.1.1 Visit to Stipop website

Stipop automatically collects particular information when individual users visit the Stipop website. The information may include ID, commercial information, Internet activity information including IP address (or proxy server information), device and application information, ID number, function, location, browser type, plug-in, integration, Internet service provider and/or telecommunication service provider, pages and file history, searches, recommended websites, apps and ads, operating system, system information, advertisement, preferred language, date and time stamp of usage, and frequency of website visits.

This information is used to analyze the overall trend, helping Stipop provide and enhance the website, provide website users with customized experiences, and protect and maintain the website.

2.1.2 Usage of Stipop products and services?

Stipop automatically collects particular information as a part of your products and services usage. The information may include ID, Internet activity information including IP address and proxy servers, device and application identification number, location, browser type, plug-in, integration, Internet service provider or telecommunication service provider, pages and files that the user visited, users’ actions including searches, operating system and system information, and the usage-related date and time stamps. This information is used to maintain the security of products and services, provide necessary functions, enhance service functions, evaluate and improve user and customer service experiences, review the adherence to the related usage terms, identify future service development opportunities, evaluate the capacity requests, identify client opportunities, and to maintain the general security of Stipop (other than security for Stipop products and services.) Device and usage information collected individually or with other data by products and services may be utilized to identify you personally. Please note that this device and usage data is only used to identify the uniqueness of each logged-in user (not a specific individual), except for cases in which an individual has to be strictly discerned as a part of service provision for users (when Stipop acts as the processor) or for security purposes.

2.2 Cookies and other tracking technologies on Stipop website and email communication

Stipop collects information on how users use websites or communicate via emails in an individual method or by using cookies. When you visit the Stipop website, Stipop or an authorized third-party may install cookies that collect your online activity information according to time or on other websites including personal information on your devices. Cookies help Stipop trace your usage history, deduce your browsing preferences, and enhance browsing experiences, thereby allowing Stipop to customize services. Stipop website uses both session-based and permanent cookies. Session-based cookies only exist throughout a single session and disappear if the user closes the browser or turns off the device, whereas permanent cookies exist even after the user closes the browser or turns off the device. Click on the cookie settings link at the bottom of the website page to change cookie preferences and settings in one of the Stipop websites. You may control the usage of cookies on your device, but this could possibly limit some functions on websites and services. Below are the details on how Stipop uses various extents of cookies and related technologies and what options you have to control the data collection settings on such technologies.

Required cookies

Required cookies are necessary for the website to conduct their basic functions. Other types of cookies include session cookies needed for website transfers, identification cookies, and security cookies. When Stipop chooses to know your identity, Stipop may allocate cookies on the browser when you log in to the website so that we could uniquely discern you and process online transactions and requests. Required cookies are necessary to operate the website, so there are no options to refuse the usage of required cookies.

Function cookies

Function cookies enhance the function, features, and services of the website. Some examples include cookies needed to analyze the website traffic, cookies used for market research, and cookies to show advertisements that do not specifically target certain individuals. Furthermore, function cookies may be used to provide you with better communication, including marketing communication, as well as help Stipop enhance the website functions. Such cookies collect information on how you are using the Stipop website, including what pages you most frequently visit.

Stipop may use its individual or third-party technology to trace and analyze the usage data, thereby providing better interactions and more appropriate communication, as well as tracking the advertisement efficiency. For instance, Stipop uses Google Analytics (“Google Analytics,”) a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA94043, USA.) You may refer to for more detailed information on Google’s privacy protection practices.

Google Analytics help analyze the website usage trends by using cookies and provides information on the number of visitors, from which websites the user was redirected from, and which websites the user visited on the Stipop website. Stipop uses this information to improve the websites. Stipop uses Google Analytics by setting a restriction on how Google may use Stipop’s data. Please refer to for more information on Google’s specially processed data. If you wish to stop Google Analytics from collecting data, you may download the browser add-on from this link. Please click here to see how to control the function cookies at the individual browser setting. Please click here to see how to protect the private information of Flash cookies or control the storage settings.

2.3 Notification on the behavioral-customized advertisement on website visitors and opt-out function

As explained above, when you visit the Stipop website, Stipop may place cookies on your device or read the cookies on your device to execute advertisements (also known as “online behavioral-customized ads” or “interest-based ads”.)

Other than using the user preference centers, you may also make sure that unnecessary device and usage-related data is collected from the web browsers by controlling your cookies at browser or device levels. (Refer to 2. usage information to be collected for details) Also, if you do not wish to view interest-based ads, click here(click here for EU region users). Please note that you may not be able to use the website to the fullest extent if you block or delete cookies and related technologies used on Stipop websites.

Stipop collects and processes your private information with the below objectives and legal bases.

  • Provision of websites and services: Stipop, based on you and your Stipop usage policy, processes your private information to fulfill the duties required by the usage policy and services. In case of lack of a contract with you, Stipop processes your personal information based on Stipop’s legitimate understanding on the content provision that you requested with access (e.g. downloading content from Stipop website), and on operation and management of websites.
  • Security enhancement of websites and services: Stipop processes your personal information by executing the related regulations and policies if deemed necessary for the tracing of the website and service usage history, collective non-personal information creation, account and activity verification, investigation on suspicious activities, safety and security of system and application, and for Stipop’s legitimate understanding to protect the rights of Stipop and others.
  • Provision of necessary services: Stipop processes your private information to sign a contract with you on website and services usage. In case of a lack of a contract with you, Stipop processes your private information based on Stipop’s legitimate understanding to provide necessary functions to use Stipop website and services.
  • User registration management: If you have a Stipop account, Stipop processes your private information by managing your user account with the purpose of executing the contract according to the pertaining service terms.
  • Processing requests and user support: If you fill in the “request” web format, request user support, or contact Stipop via means including phone calls, Stipop processes your private information in order to execute our contract with you, and when deemed necessary for Stipop’s legitimate understanding to process your request and communicate with you.
  • Event and web seminar registration: Stipop processes your private information to plan and host events and web seminars that you have registered to or plan to attend, as part of our contract with you.
  • Contest management: Stipop processes your private information if you register for contests or promotion activities, as part of our contract with you. Some contests may include additional regulations that contain information on how Stipop processes your private information
  • Payment management: If you have provided financial information to Stipop, Stipop processes your private information to verify the related information, close the transaction, or to retrieve the payment if necessary to execute our contract with you.
  • Development and enhancement of websites and services: Stipop processes your private information to analyze current trends, to develop and enhance websites and services and provide more relevant content, services, and products, when Stipop requires your valid consent, and to trace the usage of websites and services and track down your interactions with websites and services.
  • Evaluation and improvement of user experience: Stipop processes the device and usage information as clarified in above Article 2.1 to analyze the current trends, when deemed necessary for Stipop’s legitimate understanding to develop and enhance services and products, when Stipop requires your valid consent, and to evaluate and improve the overall user experience. Some cases may include processing your private information.
  • Review of compliance to terms: Stipop processes your private information to review the level of compliance to the contract if deemed necessary to guarantee the full compliance to related terms and regulations.
  • Notification of personalized advertisements and content: Stipop processes your private information when deemed necessary for Stipop’s understanding for website ads, when you have provided consent in advance, or to conduct market research, advertise to you, provide personalized Stipop-related information in and outside of the websites, and provide other customized content based on your actions and interests.
  • Sending marketing information: Stipop may process device and usage information to send marketing information, product recommendation, and other non-business related communication about Stipop, affiliates, and partners (e.g. marketing newsletters, phone, push alerts) to you when it comes to direct execution of marketing or when deemed necessary for Stipop’s legitimate interests, or with your prior consent. In some cases, your private information may be included here.
  • The obligation of legal duties: Stipop may process your private information when it is necessary to process or disclose private information to protect Stipop’s rights, prevent the misuse or abuse of the website, protect personal assets or safety, pursue usable resolutions, limit Stipop’s damages, oblige by judicial procedures, court order, or legal procedures, respond to legal requests, or deemed necessary for Stipop’s legitimate understanding for auditing purposes, according to legal duties pertaining to relevant laws or when cooperating with public and governmental organizations, court, or regulatory organizations.

When Stipop needs to collect and process private information as according to law or the contract we have signed with you, if you fail to provide the requested essential private information, Stipop may fail to execute the contract with you.

4. Sharing of private information

Stipop may share your private information with the below entities.

  • Service provider: We share your private information with service providers that provide services such as IT and system management, hosting, credit card processing, research and development, marketing, customer support, and data strengthening pertaining to legal grounds as stipulated above. Such service providers refer to the companies located in countries where Stipop is operating the business in.
  • Event sponsor: When you participate in Stipop-hosted events and web seminars or download or view website assets, Stipop may share your private information with the event sponsors. When required by relevant laws, you may provide consent to sharing through the registration form, in which case you will be the object of sponsor private information privacy policy. Should you not want to share your private information, you may opt-out of sharing when registering for events and web seminars.
  • Clients that partner with you: When you use Stipop services as an authorized user, Stipop may share your private information with your partner clients in charge of your service access in order to check the account or activity history, look into suspicious actions, or when deemed necessary to execute Stipop’s terms and policies.
  • Third-party network and website: Stipop may share private information with third-party social media networks, ad networks, and websites so that Stipop could run marketing and advertising on third-party platforms and websites.
  • Professional advisory: Stipop may share your private information with professional advisories that act as service providers, processors, or mutual managers in individual cases when Stipop has the legal duty to share your private information or have a legitimate understanding of sharing. The advisories include consultancy, banks, law firms, attorneys that provide insurance and accounting services, bankers, auditors, and actuaries that are based in countries where Stipop operates the business in.
  • Third-party entities involved in business deals: Stipop may share your private information if Stipop is involved in a merge, reshuffle, dissolution, or other fundamental business changes, decides to sell websites or business units, or a third-party entity acquires Stipop’s assets and stocks either in part or in whole, in which case Stipop shares the information with that third-party entity.
  • Microsoft Bot Framework: Stipop is a partner of and is also enabled by Microsoft Bot Framework. The Microsoft Bot Framework is a set of web-services that enable intelligent services and connections using conversation channels you authorize. As a service provider, Microsoft will transmit content you provide to our bot/service in order to enable the service. For more information about Microsoft privacy policies please see their privacy statement here: In addition, your interactions with this bot/service are also subject to the conversational channel’s applicable terms of use, privacy and data collection policies. To report abuse when using a bot that uses the Microsoft Bot Framework to Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft Bot Framework website at and use the “Report Abuse” link in the menu to contact Microsoft.

Furthermore, Stipop may share usage data excluding anonymous and identification information with Stipop’s service providers to help such analysis and enhancement. Also, Stipop may collectively share usage data excluding anonymous and identification information in normal business operation processes. For instance, Stipop may openly share information to show the general usage trend of Stipop services.

5. Private information on users aged 15 and below

Stipop does not intentionally collect private information from children aged 15 and below. If you are parents or caretakers and believe your children have provided their private information without your consent, please contact Stipop at Stipop will then take necessary measures to delete that private information from the system.

6. Retention period and deletion of private information

6.1 Retention and usage period of private information

Private information is only to be retained during your business relationship with Stipop and only for durations necessary to fulfill Stipop’s legal duties, conduct dispute resolution, and execute the contract. Stipop decides the appropriate retention period of private information depending on the quantity, nature, and sensitivity of the processed private information, potential risk arising from misuse or disclosure of private information, whether the processing can be done via alternate means, and applied relevant legal requirements (including the statutes of limitations.) Stipop deletes your private information at the right time after you close your account. When you upload content on Stipop websites, the information within your submitted tax forms and identification will be retained for a maximum of 14 days after processing and is deleted via methods clarified in below Article 7.2. However, when deemed necessary for Stipop’s legal duties, dispute resolution, and contract execution, or required by related legal regulations to store private information, Stipop may retain your private information for necessary durations for the said purposes.

6.2 Deletion of private information

When deleting private information, Stipop makes sure to take standardized and commercially rational measures so that private information cannot be recovered or recreated. Electronic documents and files including private information are deleted using technological means that make it virtually impossible to retrieve or search for private information nor to personally identify the related data. Non-electronic documents and files containing private information will be discarded or shredded, or both.

7.1 User rights

You are entitled to particular rights regarding private information as per local data protection laws. According to relevant laws, such rights may include the following.

  • Right to view your private information owned by Stipop,
  • Right to know how Stipop is processing private information,
  • Right to clarify inadequate private information and confirm the completeness of the data considering the purpose of private information processing,
  • Right to delete or erase your private information within the legal boundaries set forth by the relevant data protection laws (also known as ‘the right to be forgotten,)
  • Right to restrict Stipop’s private information processing as allowed by law,
  • Right to send private information to other managers if possible (also known as the ‘right to transfer private information,’)
  • Right to raise objections to private information processing executed by Stipop on its legitimate grounds. When Stipop processes your private information directly for marketing purposes or shares it with a third-party entity for its direct marketing purposes, you may exercise your right to object to such processing without having to provide specific reasons for your actions.
  • Right not to disclose your private information to third-party entities,
  • Right to choose to disclose particular private information to third-party entities if you are aged 15 and below,
  • Right not to be discriminated against for executing the above rights,
  • Right not to be objected to entirely automated decisions (‘automatic decisions’) including profiling that induce legal consequences. Currently, Stipop websites and services do not conduct automatic decision-making.
  • Right to withdraw consent at any time without influencing the legitimacy of the process based on your consent prior to withdrawal (when data is processed upon consent).

7.2 How to execute your rights

If you wish to exercise your rights, please contact Stipop at Stipop is striving to respond to all legitimate requests within one month and will contact you if we need additional information to execute your request. Please note that it may take longer than a month for Stipop to respond, considering the complexity of the request and the number of requests Stipop needs to handle. If you are employees of Stipop’s clients, Stipop recommends you contact the system manager of your employer to receive help on information modification or updates. Some registered users may update user settings, profile, organizational settings, and event registration by logging onto their accounts and editing the settings and profiles. If you wish to update the payment information, close your account, or request retrieval or deletion of other information related to private information and accounts, please send an email to Stipop via

7.3 Your rights regarding products and services client data

As explained above, Stipop may also process private information that the clients have submitted to or has been submitted for them to products and services. To this end, if not specified otherwise in this privacy policy or a separate announcement, Stipop processes private information as a processor in lieu of the client (and their affiliates) who are the managers of the private information. Stipop is not responsible for clients’ privacy protection and data security practices that may appear differently from this privacy policy and do not have the authority to control them. If your data has been submitted to Stipop by a Stipop client or in lieu of a Stipop client and you wish to exercise a particular right pertaining to related data protection laws, please contact them directly. Stipop only has access to client data upon clients’ demand, so if you wish to request directly to Stipop, you should provide the name of the Stipop client that submitted your information to us. Then, Stipop will send your request to that client and make the necessary support for the client to respond to your requests within a reasonable amount of time.

7.4 Opting out of receiving marketing messages

When Stipop processes your private information for marketing purposes, note that you can change settings of receiving marketing and non-business communication from Stipop by clicking on the “cancel subscription” link at the very bottom of Stipop marketing emails. If you do not click on the “cancel subscription” link despite this privacy clause, please note that you will continue to receive marketing and non-business communication messages from Stipop. Note that opting out of receiving marketing communication messages does not mean you will not receive important business communications related to your relationship with Stipop including subscription, event registration, service announcements, and security information.

8. Methods of private information protection

Stipop is taking precautionary measures including organizational, technological, and physical means in order to prevent accidental or illegal destruction, loss, change, illegal disclosure, or access to private information that we process or utilize. Although Stipop follows generally allowed standards to protect private information, there is no such thing as 100% safe storage or transmission means. You are entirely responsible to protect your passcode after the session, restrict access to your devices, and log out from websites. Please contact Stipop using the information on the below “contact” clause should you have any inquiries about Stipop website security.

9. Changes to the privacy policy

This privacy policy is regularly updated to reflect changes in Stipop’s practices, technology, legal requirements, and other factors. The “last updated” at the very top of this document will be updated accordingly. When Stipop makes an important update, we may post a well-visible post on the Stipop website or directly contact you before the update is applied.

It is highly recommended that you regularly check this privacy policy to continue to receive information on the collection, processing, and sharing of private information.

10. Additional disclosure for California residents

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) stipulates that businesses should disclose whether they are selling private information. Stipop, under the influence of the CCPA, does not sell private information. Stipop may share private information with a third-party entity or allow a third-party entity to collect private information from Stipop websites and services if the third-party entity is an authorized service provider that agreed with Stipop on retention, usage, and disclosure of private information, a business partner, when you are using Stipop websites and services to interact with that third-party, or when you direct Stipop to disclose your private information to a third-party.

  • California state laws stipulate Stipop should provide a detailed scope of private information that we share or disclose to for particular “business purposes,” including sharing it to service providers or service providers that support product marketing. Stipop discloses below private information for business purposes.
  • ID,
  • Commercial information,
  • Internet history,
  • Financial history,
  • Job and employment-related history,
  • Educational information,
  • and plausible inferences from the above information.

California state laws grant particular rights to have access to particular types of private information, know how private information is processed, request private information to be deleted, and have rights not to be rejected by products and services to exercise such rights to the state residents.

If you are a California resident under the age of 17 and have a Stipop account, you may request your content or information you posted on Stipop website(s) to be deleted. Note that your content and information may not entirely or inclusively deleted, as other users may have re-posted a part of your content.

If you are a public proxy aiming to exercise rights on behalf of a California resident, use the information on the “contact” section to provide a copy of the written authorization of the client who has designated you as a proxy. This will be possible if Stipop checks your identification and place of residence before Stipop finished the request of rights.