Sticker Review Guidelines

Stickers to post to Stipop must pass the review process. Please be sure to check the guidelines below before submitting the sticker, as the sticker for the following or possible causes may be rejected or interrupted.
1. Sticker Image Guidelines
  • 1.1 If the image is not in the image format specified by Stipop
  • 1.2 If a sticker image does not help the conversation
  • 1.3 The sticker color is too light or is out of balance
  • 1.4 If only a simple logo is included
  • 1.5 If duplicates the sticker on the store
2. Text guidelines for sticker titles
  • 2.1 If the title contains an advertising slogan
  • 2.2 If the deck contains a URL
  • 2.3 If the contents are too short
  • 2.4 Text conflicts with a sticker image
  • 2.5 If the text contains typos or other errors
3. Moral and ethical guidelines
  • 3.1 Contents that are against the general public including crime, violence, and sexual expression
  • 3.2 Content with antisocial content
  • 3.3 Controllable content
  • 3.4 Contents that contain deprecating or discriminating against people, objects, and animals
  • 3.5 Contents that are likely to cause frustration with a particular nationality, religion, culture, or group
4. Purpose, including business and advertising promotion
  • 4.1 Content that includes advertising copy
  • 4.2 Content that is intended to be advertised by the company or by specific individual brands and services
  • 4.3 Content that includes political elements, such as support for specific parties, the National Assembly, etc.
  • 4.4 Content produced for the particular purpose of a particular group
5. Copyright violation and plagiarism suspicion
  • 5.1 Content subject to copyright infringement or suspected plagiarism of other products
6. Other Notes
  • 6.1 If it can damage or damage the pop image
* If not included in the above guide, you can not register an sticker that Stipop considers inappropriate, and sales may be discontinued after the store is complete.