FAQ – find answers to commonly asked questions

1. How do I make an account if I just want to download stickers?

For simple use – downloading stickers and using them in messengers – all you have to do is go to App store/Google play and download Stipop App. Once you install you may register and use all service for free, instantly.

2. How do I become an artist so I can upload stickers myself?

To become an artist – one who can upload stickers and have an artist page – visit www.stipop.io and register as an artist. If you already have Stipop App and therefore a normal account, you may log in and upgrade your account to artist account for free, simply by adding few more information.

3. If I become an artist, what happens to my normal account?

Once you become and artist, your normal account stays the same. The only change made is that you now have an artist page and therefore can upload stickers at any time. You can access your artist page in App by clicking to ‘my page’ then ‘artist page’, or via Web. You may upload only through Stipop web page for now.

4. Are there any requirements to become an artist? To be able to upload?

There are no requisites for becoming an artist. Anyone can register either as a normal user, or as an artist. Feel free to upload and share your stickers.

5. Where can I use the stickers I upload or download?

On iOS, stickers can be used by either our custom keyboard or on iMessage. The custom keyboard requires you to give it full access and can be used on almost all messengers.
On Android, stickers can be used through Gboard on almost every messengers. Gboard is a keyboard made by Google, and is used by more than 500 MM people around the globe. If you do not have Gboard already, you can download it for free on Google Playstore. A custom keyboard for Android is coming soon.

6. Do I have to pay money for this service?

No payment is needed for the basics. There are paid stickers which you can sell or buy, but plenty of free stickers will be provided.

7. Can I price my stickers?

We believe our service should be used by all kinds of people, and therefore should be free in all parts. However, if you want, you can first meet the requirements and then sell stickers. You must follow our 1-to-1 rule, which is that the number of stickers you can sell is limited to number of free stickers you have uploaded. See in more detail by clicking here.

8. In which countries can I use this service? Where will my stickers be used?

You may use this service regardless of the country you live in. Stickers will be shown to users in all countries, but may be sorted by user preferences. Our service currently provides only English, but will be provided in more languages anytime soon.

9. What size should stickers be for proper upload?

Stickers uploaded should be in proper sizes for messenger uses.

Sticker Guidelines:

  • Number of files: Min. 8, Max. 24 (Recommend at least 16 in a package)
  • Format: JPEG, PNG, GIF (for animated stickers)
  • Image size: Min 640 x 640
Stickers that are smaller than our guided size will not be uploaded. If they are larger than our recommended size, they will automatically be resized. During this process the sticker may change form so if possible, please upload your sticker with our recommended size. See more about our guideline here.

10. Where can I ask questions if they aren’t already answered?

You may email us anytime, about anything. Please send us your thoughts to contact@stipop.io.

11. What can I do when I forgot my password?

For now you can send email to password@stipop.io with the email that you are trying to log in with and we will reset your password and tell you within one day. After a week or so we will do an update so you can find your password more conveniently.