Upload. Use it on iMessage and Gboard. Make fans and have fun. Join now and enjoy all benefits, for free.

Stipop in whole

Stipop is a sticker platform where anyone can upload their own stickers and use them on iMessage and Gboard. Uploading is very easy, and is followed by many benefits. If you simply want to use stickers on iMessage or Gboard, please visit Stipop App by clicking here.

Device Fotos

Web – Upload

It is so easy to upload your stickers with Stipop. Sign up as an artist and just upload your stickers! People are waiting for using your stickers! scroll down below.

App - Download & Send

Find stickers you like and download them! They will be usable in iMessage, Facebook messenger and many other messengers through Gboard and iMessage partnership! Click here to see more about the App.

For whom, and why

Whether you are an ordinary or a professional. Whether you are good or bad. Stipop is designed for everyone. Choose your own benefits. By the way, you can choose all of them.

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For fun

Create your own stickers. Share with your friends and other. Send them in your messengers!

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For profit

Show your fans and others your awesome stickers! Let them pay money for them. You will get profit from it.

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For products

Let everyone knows about your sticker character! Let’s make them into real products. Explore our production system.

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3-STEPS for ALL of you

How to have fun, make profits, and make stickers into real products? The great thing is, the process is the same, for whichever benefit you want.

1 Create

Stipop allows for almost any contents. They just have to follow our guideline, and can be made both still and animated.

Portfolio Image
Portfolio Image

2 Upload

It will take only several minutes to upload your stickers. Stickers you upload will be shared only for free at first.

3 Expose

You will have your own artist page as you sign up. Make it look nice and fill it with your thoughts and portfolios. Lots of fans will come to you!

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